If you haven’t heard, ‘selfie’ has been named by Oxford Dictionaries as word of 2013. The invention and general acceptance of the selfie has impacted society in many great ways, it means we now have ample choice for a hot new Facebook profile pic and our online dating profiles are angled and edited to perfection.

So, at Movehub.com, we thought we’d give you top tips on how to get the best amateur self-portraiture snaps on the go, utilising scenarios and landscapes across the globe to achieve the ultimate travel selfie.

1. The higher the angle the better.

When you’ve got to fit in a great tourist attraction behind, you need to stretch that arm out. Low angle shots fail to include the amazing locations behind you and can capture the dreaded double chin…

2. Gadget your way to glory.

If you want to be a true pro, get yourself a Monopod stick like these guys! Or perhaps gaffa tape your camera to a branch for half the price.

3. Don’t be afraid to use the environment to your advantage.

Don’t let extreme weather conditions put you off, just tilt that head back and use the storm as your natural wind machine. Chances are you will come out looking like JLO.

4. Let others join in with your selfie.

If you’re going to have people join in on your selfie, make sure they are famous, like this teen and Beyoncé. Or an historical icon, like Eminem and a distant Mona Lisa.

5. Exotic animals only.

Goats really do nothing for you.