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We are a proud member of the International Association of Movers and IAM Logistic Network.

How Does MoveHub Work?

Learn how MoveHub works - It’s simple really; we help people moving abroad save money on international removals.

How does MoveHub work?

We match movers who fill in the form above with up to 6 removals companies. These companies will provide you with a tailored removals quote.

Why use MoveHub?

If you’re shopping around for quotes you’ve probably noticed each shipping company has a different (and often long) form you need to fill in.

We have just one form, you only need to fill it in once and you’ll get 6 quotes from our partners. Simple!

You can then choose between companies by price, additional services and included services.

Our users can save up to 70% on their shipping costs which can translate to thousands of pounds saved!

Who is MoveHub for?

Anyone who needs to move their stuff abroad. You might need to move a handful of boxes and your bicycle, or you might need to move everything you own plus the kitchen sink. We’ve got you covered.

We cover all the major routes across the world, and most of the minor ones too!

Sound good?

Fill out form at the top of this page to get up to 70% off your shipping quote by comparing suppliers!

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