No one calls themselves a hipster, as this is against the very core of being a hipster. What they all have in common is the idea of themselves as being effortless and a hipster as someone being a try-hard. Hipsters don’t follow trends, they just “happen” to like what’s trendy.

It is a word that refuses to disappear from our vocabulary. As descriptive and fleeting as it needs to be for us all to understand its meaning. If you look at this infographic and feel somewhat hit, we’re sorry to break it to you, you might be a hipster in everyone else’s eyes but your own. And we don’t judge, we love all you non-hipster hipsters, wherever in the world you may be and whatever non-trendy trend your following at the moment.

The British hipster – London

Interests: Going to pop-up galleries & eating at pop-up restaurants

Eats: Tapas at the Mockingbird

Drinks: Stubbies, cocktails in jam jars

Special Hipster Point: You work in a shared studio space off Shacklewell Lane

Must have items:

Short skateboard

“Growing Communities” veg box

The German hipster – Berlin

Interests: Hanging in cafés with a MacBook

Eats: Organic falafel or burgers at The Bird

Drinks: Club Mate

Special Hipster point: You own a second hand fixie bike

Must have items:

Printed cotton bag

Geek glasses

The French hipster – Paris

Interests: Hanging out by Canal Saint-Martin

Eats: Baguettes (always)

Drinks: Great vine at Le Verre Volé

Special Hipster Point: You’re a chain-smoker

Must have items:

Massive EP collection

Your own electro band

The Swedish hipster – Stockholm

Interests: Training for the marathon in Nike Free Run trainers

Eats: Vegetables from your own cultivation plot

Drinks: IPA (or home brewed beer)

Special Hipster Point: You have a boston terrier and a baby

Must have items:

Born To Run by McDougall

“Hata SD” pin

The American hipster – New York

Interests: Making your own hot sauce


Drinks: Filtered tap water and Aperol Spritz

Special Hipster Point: You rent unique spaces to host dinner parties

Must have items:


Bank account with an alternative bank

The Australian hipster – Sydney

Interests: Surfing the pavement in Surry Hills

Eats: Kimchi

Drinks: Really good coffee

Special Hipster Point: You would never admit you’re a hipster

Must have items:


Rayban sunnies

The Japanese hipster – Tokyo

Interests: Vintage clothes hunting

Eats: In Shimokitazawa

Drinks: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Special Hipster Point: You run a fashion blog

Must have items:


Electric guitar

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