Using the data from our global tax and wage comparison tool we have compiled the data to show how much tax you will pay on the average annual salary.

The figure shown is the percentage of the average annual wage you will pay as tax. Combining this tax data with the average wage for each country and US state is the easiest way to compare the actual tax differences, and see where you might be better off.

If you’re curious about our data, how we collected it and calculated the various tax rates you can read our blog post explaining the wage & tax tool.

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You can see the rest of the data in the wage & tax comparison tool.

We complain a lot about tax in the UK, however, compared to the rest of Europe we actually pay a much lower rate (12.5%) on the average wage.

Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Latvia and Denmark all pay over 25% tax on their average annual wages.

Blue tax havens?

Before you get too excited about the plethora of blue “tax havens” on this map and start packing your bags you should know that a number of countries average wage falls below the threshold at which you start paying tax in that country.

An example of this would be Brazil who’s average annual wage is £5,489.16 just below the £5,550.84 at which you’d start paying tax. This phenomenon is especially common in countries that have a large number of low-income workers.

RankCountry% Of Income Paid As Tax