Using our cost of living data for all the important things around the world check out how much a date will cost you in Riyadh, Trondheim, Hamburg, London, Minsk, Rome and Chicago!

The cost of a date around the world

Our calculations are made based on the average price of a dinner for two, two cinema tickets, a bottle of wine and a 5km taxi journey.

Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) – £195.59*

Be aware! You might want to consider alternatives to the classic dinner-and-a-movie-date, as two cinema tickets in Saudi Arabia cost a staggering £158.98.

*There are no cinemas outside of expat compounds in Riyadh so the high price is due to us factoring the cost of living in one of these quite expensive compounds.

Norway (Trondheim) – £140.01

Norway is a beautiful setting for a date but our one tip is: split the bill! If not, you may very well walk away with £89.63 less in your pocket.

Germany (Hamburg) – £60.11

Not bad huh? Second cheapest of the bunch and with a bottle of wine averaging on £3.41 you should have a fun night.

United Kingdom (London) – £91.15

Pretty Hefty! The main reason for this high figure is that a taxi in London is 10 times more expensive than in Saudi Arabia, and by far the most expensive out of our listed countries.

Belarus (Minsk) – £32.97

With dinner for two under £25 and cinema tickets for £4.24 you can afford to date three times more often in Minsk than in London. And with the price of an egg averaging at 8p, you can make a banging omelette breakfast too.

Italy (Rome) – £65.22

Pretty decent, and considering the quality of foot and wine we got to give it to the Italians, they know their romance. With a coffee only setting you back a mere £1.02, the date could well include a morning espresso on a beautiful piazze.

United States (Chicago) – £63.16

Very affordable keeping in mind portion size here, the dinner should keep you fuller for longer. But should you wake up feeling that post-wine carb craving you can easily fix up some beans on toast with a loaf of bread only costing you £1.31.