Ah happy 2015 one and all! It’s been a very busy year for us at MoveHub HQ but, dear reader, we’ve always got time for you. So we decided we’d set to work rebooting your career path and help find you a job that, not only will you love but, will take you all over the world.

Here’s our definitive list of the best jobs to see the world with:

1. Teacher

It’s a classic, but teaching is still one of the easiest jobs in which to find employment that’ll also command a decent salary no matter where you are in the world. With the advent of the online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) scoring a job as an English Language teacher has never been easier and some countries like Vietnam don’t even require all English teachers to possess a qualification if English is the first language.

If you are already a trained teacher with an undergraduate degree and PGCE (or equivalent) then it is even easier, and in areas like the Middle East and certain European countries you will be able to command a far more generous salary than you would back in the UK, as well as flights back home and discounted or free accommodation.

Working with local children is also a great way to get to know the culture. Long teacher holidays also mean you will have plenty of time to fly back home should you want or explore your new country, but don’t forget, if you are not teaching in a Christian country it is unlikely you will get time off for Christmas or Easter unless you are teaching in an international school.

2. Computer Programmer

We’ve said computer programmer, but really if you have any skill that relies only on a laptop and a power cable then you can work pretty much anywhere in the world (wifi dependent). Across SE Asia and parts of Europe, there are huge swathes of digital nomads who secure clients and then complete their projects working out of coffee shops and coworking spaces in countries which can offer a far better quality of life than the UK.

Tempted? See our article on the best places to work as a digital nomad.

3. Sports coach / instructor

If your dream is to be able to spend all day perfecting your hobby and getting paid for it then a job as an instructor or coach is for you, whether it be tennis, surfing or yoga.

Obviously, you will need to be able to display a decent level of proficiency and most likely the relevant qualifications which can be costly and time consuming for certain sports such as Scuba diving and windsurfing. But holiday resorts across the world are always looking for activity instructors and depending on location or employer you can command a decent salary as well as free accommodation and meals. The real money comes when you can set up your own school, but until then you can just spend your days getting paid to while away with your favourite hobby.

4. Bar staff

If you can pull a pint and change a barrel it’s pretty likely you’ll be able to get a job in most bars around the world for whatever the local minimum wage is. However, if you can flare you can earn serious money in swanky international cocktail bars or cruise ships.

Basic courses take less than a day to complete and you can always watch YouTube tutorials and perfect your skills from the comfort of your own home.

5. Finance worker

Once you’re in the lucrative world of finance you can work in any financial centre in the world. International banks such as Credit Suisse and JP Morgan have international schemes where you can work in any of their floors should you wish. The easiest places to find work will be the top world’s top commerce centres including New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Zurich and Hong Kong.

Getting a job in finance can be tricky, and you will probably need an undergraduate degree as well as a related postgraduate qualification, however the sector is recovering from the crash, and with determination and experience you should be able to find a post.

6. Aid worker

Getting a job in the humanitarian sector can also be tricky; it is a highly competitive field and often not very well paid.

However, if you can get a job with an NGO or charity you could see yourself in a role that comes with international travel as well as the perk of knowing you are helping others. Typically, you will need to have reasonable experience working or volunteering for a charity and some roles will require an undergraduate degree in a relevant topic to the charity’s aims.

7. Roadie / techie

Already a dream job for music lovers, a roadie or techie role can also come with lots of touring that’ll see you dotting around the world depending on the artist you are supporting.

However, despite the cool points, you can command if you are keen to really explore the world this might not be the role for you as you’ll often only spend a night in each new location. You’ll also require some pretty specific qualifications and/or a connection in the business, but if you’re after a life on the road sampling international service station food, this could be the perfect job for you.

8. Nurse / Doctor

Whether you want to make a difference in a field hospital or work in some of the world’s top hospitals having medical skills will enable you to work wherever you want across the globe. Not only will you be in high demand, but medical professionals are often well remunerated.

It goes without saying that you’ll have to be qualified but not necessarily experienced and some countries like Australia and America give generous welcome packages to newly qualified nurses.