Moving containers, or moving pods, are an increasingly popular way of transporting your belongings when moving to a new home. They offer a convenient mid-point between forking out for a costly relocation service and handling your move all by yourself.

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What are moving containers?

A moving container, or pod, is a portable storage container. They can be used to store or transport cargo. You rent a moving container for a set period of time, often at cost-effective rates. Your moving container hire company will drop off the moving pod for you and then transport it by delivery truck to your chosen destination at a later date.

Moving pods usually have wheels to make them easy to move around, but once parked they sit flat on the ground for easy loading and unloading. Inside, you’ll find plenty of room, good insulation and handy ring mounts to help strap down your furniture and belongings.

How does moving by moving container work?

First up, your moving pod will be delivered to your home. It will usually sit on your drive or on the street outside your house. This can be done a few days, weeks or even months before your move. You can then take your time packing everything up and securing it in your moving container.

Once you have packed up your home, your moving container company will come to pick up your pod. It will be loaded onto a delivery truck and transported to your new home – or another location of your choice, such as a secure storage facility. Moving pod trucks are fitted with specialist hydraulic lift systems to help keep the containers level and your belongings protected while on the road. If you are moving internationally, make sure you check this out early on as some companies will only handle moves within their home country.

Using moving containers for your relocation is an extremely flexible option when it comes to time. You can often keep the pods for as long as a month without having to pay any extra. That’s much more leisurely than packing and unpacking a removal van all in one day!

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How large are moving containers?

Moving pods come in a choice of sizes. The most common sizes are: 8ft wide x 7ft long to hold the contents of approximately one room, 8ft x 12ft if you need to transport the contents of around 3 rooms, and 8ft x 16ft to comfortably hold the contents of an average-sized house.

Make sure you discuss your requirements and check the weight limits of your pods with your portable container company. If you have a large house or a lot of things stored in your attic or basement, you may need to hire more than one moving container to meet your needs.

Do I need a special permit for my moving pod?

You should always check if you will need a permit with your local authority before your moving container is delivered. If your moving pod is parked in your private driveway, then you probably won’t need a permit.

For many people, it is more convenient to place your pod in the street – if you prefer to park your car in your garage or don’t have a driveway, for example. In these cases, you will usually need to apply for a permit from the council. Once your moving pod has been delivered, its wheels are locked and you will be unable to move it so it’s important it goes in the right place.

Will the moving company pack my moving pod for me?

Moving containers are often popular with people who want to pack their own belongings – and take their time doing it. However, many companies do offer professional packing services at an extra cost. If you are pushed for time when it comes to loading or unloading your moving pod, it can always pay to bring in the pros!

How do I pack my moving pod?

If you are loading up your moving pod yourself, it helps to follow this packing advice:

  • Line your container with moving blankets to help protect and cushion your items en route.
  • Pack more blankets, bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard between items for further shock absorbing. Mattresses also work well.
  • Have a plan. It helps if you can organise and label your packing in a way that makes sense to you. You’ll be glad when it comes to finding things at the other end.
  • Take special care packing breakable and high-value items.
  • Distribute the weight evenly throughout your pod. Don’t put all your heavy furniture at one end and mix up large and small items.
  • Tie down furniture using the ring mounts.
  • Don’t overfill your boxes. Smaller, lighter boxes are easier to move – your back will thank you!
  • Put moisture absorbers in your container to help prevent damp and mildew.

Are there any items that cannot be stored in a moving container?

Yes. Make sure you ask your moving pod company for their list of prohibited items. This will usually include things like hazardous chemicals, flammable materials, foods, plants and live animals.

Are moving containers insured?

Moving pods placed outside your home will often be covered by your home insurance policy, but it’s always best to check with your insurance provider first. They may even be covered during transportation – but again, check it out first. If not, you will need to purchase additional cover to protect your belongings during your move. Some moving pod companies offer third-party deals to their customers.

Are moving pods secure?

The doors of moving containers are can be locked to keep your belongings safe and secure. Some moving pod companies will provide you with a lock and key, while others let you use your own chosen lock.