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Perth ScoreCard

Movehub Rating: 95

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Moving to Perth from the UK

Moving to Perth from the UK

Source: Flickr | fzhuo

The 2006 census found that over 160,000 Perth residents were British-born. The recent contrasting economic fortunes of the UK and Australia has only led this number to increase which means that Brits relocating to Perth won’t struggle to find new friends with a shared cultural heritage.

Of course, Australian culture has much in common with British culture anyway and, as the cultural centre of Western Australia, Perth will cater well for those who wish to maintain an interest in theatre, live music, association football or cricket.

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When making the opposite move to Rolf Harris (who was born and grew up in Perth) you’ll not only enjoy the benefits of a warmer climate and a lot more sunshine but, more importantly, you’ll find buying and renting property much more affordable.

In fact, the ratio of average property price to average income is almost half in Perth what it is in London. This has to be balanced however, by the increased prices you’ll pay for consumer goods - especially food. Due to Perth’s remote location, staples like bread, fruit and veg, clothing and even internet access are all more expensive than in the UK. Probably a price worth paying to say goodbye to British winters forever.

Perth convention and exhibition centre

Source: Flickr | Alan Lam

Comparing Perth vs London

Perth scores better than London on a whole host of quality of life measures: on average you’ll have more purchasing power, you’ll be safer, get better healthcare, housing will be more affordable, you’ll spend less time commuting and suffer less pollution. In fact, the only traditional measure where Perth suffers is in the price of consumer goods which are nearly 30% higher on average than their London equivalents.

Living in Perth

Source: Flickr | Daniel Lee

While Perth can’t compete with London when it comes to the number of sites of historical or architectural interest, the Western Australian Museum, located in the Perth Cultural Centre, does host an impressive display of aboriginal artifacts - evidence of the inhabitants of Perth for 40,000 years before Europeans arrived.

King’s Park is the largest inner city park in the world and adds to an array of green space that easily competes with London which doesn’t, of course, have a beach on the doorstep.

While the average temperature in Perth rarely drops below 10°C and soars as high as the mid-forties in the dry summer months of January and February, annual rainfall is actually higher than in London - largely due to the wetness of the winter when as much as 7 inches of rain can fall in a single month.

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Property in Perth

Perth seems to be bucking the trend of stagnating house prices nationwide. In fact, Perth saw house prices rising 6.1 percent in 2012, making it Australia’s best performing property market.

Median property prices in 2012 ran the range from A$2.4m (£1.66m) in Peppermint Grove, Perth’s most affluent suburb, just 1km from the beach, through to A$265k (£183k) in Brookdale, 42km from the beach and 28km from the city.

Source: flickr | Joe Wolf

The median rental price for a two bedroom house/apartment in the Perth metropolitan region at the end of 2012 was A$400 (£276) per week.

Getting a mortgage in Perth shouldn’t pose too many difficulties for new Permanent Residents. As long as you haven’t bought property in Australia before, and the total value of the property is A$750,000 or less, you’ll also be eligible for a First Home Owner Grant of A$7,000.

As a buyer you’ll have to pay stamp duty. In Western Australia this ranges from 1.9% of the property value for properties under A$120,000 to A$28,453 + 5.15% for properties of A$725,001 and over.

Neighbourhood Picks

  • Family Friendly: Rossmoyne - a leafy suburb only 11km from the beach with excellent State primary schools.
  • Hip and Trendy: Northbridge - right next to the CBD with lots of nightlife and 70% of residents aged 20-39.
  • Upmarket: Dalkeith - containing Perth’s finest mansions and Jutland Parade, the most exclusive street in the city.
  • Up and Coming: Wembley - only 5k from the city with a wide selection of property types to choose from.

Schools and Education in Perth

The Western Australian school system generally has two stages: primary school from age 5 to 12 and then high school from age 13 to 17. The exceptions are independent and faith schools which tend to move students up to high school a year earlier. At the end of their school careers students take individual subject exams to get their Western Australia Certificate of Education.

There exist state schools which can only take local students as well as ones which can accept non-local intake. The most heavily subscribed schools are required to take local students first, making the choice of suburb in which to settle even more important.

Source: flickr | denisbin

The cost of private schooling in Perth range from A$4,000 to upwards of A$20,000 per annum for secondary schools. (But it’s worth remembering that the best state schools push up the price of property in their catchment areas.)

There are a handful of international schools including the International School of Western Australia - one of the most expensive independent schools in Perth.

There are four public universities in Perth, among which The University of Western Australia stands out as one of the country’s foremost research institutions.